Guide Tier List – Weapons Skills Combo and Evolve

Hi guys, Welcome to our Tier List. is one of the most trending games developed by Joy Nice Games, they are the same developers who created the Legend of Mushroom game. Now In this article, we will show you the Tier List, Weapons Skills Combo, Active Skills, and how to evolve all active skills in Tier List – Weapons Skills Combo and Evolve Tier List - Weapons Skills Combo and Evolve
Credit: Youtube: PlayMe Weapons Skills Combo and Evolve

1: Black Hole + Adrenaline = Ultimate Black Hole

2 ? + Adrenaline

3 Spinner + High Explosive = Ultimate Spinner

4 ? + High Explosive = Ultimate High Explosive

5: Shuriken + Bearer Bonds = Ultimate Shuriken

6: Molotov + Bearer Bonds = Ultimate Molotov

8 Drone +

9: Laser + Alloy Armor = Ultimate Laser

10 + Hero Energy Collector

11: Boomerang + Lucky Stone = UltimaTE Boomerang (SHOOT 2 HIGH-SPEED Boomerang AND ITS RANGE INCREASE

12: Bowling + Tactical Leather Boots = UltimaTE Bowling Hero Equipement Weapon Tier List Category:

Regular Weapon:

  • Dual Gun
  • RPG
  • Flamethrower

S-Grade Weapon

  • Laser Sword
  • Sky Ripper
  • Water Gun

That’s it for this Tier List – Weapons Skills Combo and Evolve tips.

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