Tfue, Cloak and 72hrs are having drama over $140,000 that Tfue lost

Over the past year and a half, the popular Fortnite Trio that consists of Tfue, Cloak and 72hrs have gained massive popularity in the Fortnite E-Sports world. For ages, the trio has been really good friends and quite frankly have been kicking ass in the Fortnite industry. Between the three professional players, they are one of the highest-earning trios in history. They are also some of the most popular content creators in the world. Currently, Tfue has the most followers on Twitch. However, it emerged yesterday that the loveable trio has had a falling out after a miscommunication about a sponsorship.


We first heard of this falling out after Tfue unexpectedly tweeted that he is looking for a brand new permanent trio is who serious about E-Sports. “Looking for a new permanent trio who take competitive seriously,” he tweeted. This caught the attention of many fans.

When Tfue was asked about this while streaming on Twitch, he said that he decided to leave the trio after Cloak and 72hrs lost him over 140,000 US dollars. Apparently, Cloak, 72 hrs and Tfue were all approached by EA to do a sponsorship for Madden 20 that took place during the Fortnite trio tournament. Tfue immediately declined as he wanted to be there for his trio. However, 72hrs and Cloak accepted the deal without telling Tfue, leaving Tfue without a trio for the tournament and left him down $140,000.

“So like, they do a sponsored stream for Madden, and they’re getting paid, and it’s on this weekend,” Tfue explained while live streaming on Twitch. “Madden offered me over a $140,000 to play their game, and I declined because I thought we were going to play the tournament this weekend, and they took the offer without telling me last second.”

“So now I’m out over $140,000 because I thought we were going to practice, and now I’m here. So if they want to pay me the money that I lost, then I’m down. But other than that, I don’t really f*ck with them”

Today, September 8th, both 72hrs and Cloak have responded to the drama while they were also streaming on Twitch. “If he gets offered a bunch of money to play Madden, Why wouldn’t he come to us and be like “yo, I have this deal, should I do it?” And then we’d be like ‘sure that’s a lot of money, go for it dude,’ and then we get offered the money too,” said 72hrs. “I even was willing to cancel the deal – which is bad for relations with people – in order to go play the tournament, if Tfue was that upset over it,” finished Mulligan.

Cloak also had similar feelings that 72hrs had. “Why are these kids telling me that I cost the guy $140K? I did not know about the brand deal. I didn’t cost him $140K. I was not the one who was like ‘hey, don’t take this brand deal’, I didn’t even know about the brand deal. What kind of idiot are you to decline $140K?” finished Cloak. “That’s not my fault you’re a dumbass,” Cloak said while live on Twitch.

Obviously, the tensions between the trio have risen substantially. It will be incredibly interesting to see if they reunite in the end.


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