Fruit Seas Trello Link & Wiki – Fighting Styles, Haki Tips

The Fruit Seas Trello link lets you get access to the latest information on the newly released game Fruit Seas. If you’re looking forward to playing Fruit Seas but want to do some prep first, this is the perfect way of doing so. Here is the Fruit Seas Trello link and what it is used for.

The Fruit Seas Trello is filled with information about the game, Information about Islands List, Quest, Accessories, Materials, NPC, Furits, Haki Location, and How to Obtain it. You can find the Trello link below.  If you want more information on the game, here’s the Fruit Seas codes list

Demon Piece Trello Front Page

Fruit Seas Trello Link & Wiki


You can access Fruit Seas Trello by copying and Paste above trello link in your browsers. I hope this guide is helpful for you.

Fruit Seas Beginner Guide


W, A, S, D = Movement
Q = Dash/Geppo
T = Ken/Observation Haki
G = Aramanet Haki
R = Sora


Ken Haki

Some destructive moves can break your ken haki (puts your haki on cooldown for 5 seconds, and you lose one dodge)

You can break Ken Haki by using a strong move or they lose all their dodges
Once you break their ken haki you will do some damage to them (15% of the move you used)
Ken Haki regenerates 1 dodge every 10 seconds while not on
Some extremely destructive moves go through it (Tsunami, Enkai, Raigo, Ursus Shock, Dark Bomb)

Once all your dodges are exhausted you have a 40-second observation cooldown

Logia’s can’t be hit without armament haki unless you use moves from a fruit that is also a logia

Elemental sword moves can hit logia users (Like lightning balls, fireballs, and smoke snakes)

Demon Piece Haki 2

Armament Haki

  • Level 1 +5% damage
  • level 2 +10% damage
  • level 3 +15% damage
  • level 4 +25% damage
  • level 5 +35% damage

Fighting Styles



You can obtain this fighting style from Khabib SIDE NPC’S

Cost: 1K beli


  • Unlocked at style mastery 10 Smash
  • Unlocked at style mastery 20 Tackle

Black Leg

Black Leg Demon Piece

You can obtain this fighting style from Sanji SIDE NPC’s

Cost: 150K beli


  • Unlocked at style mastery 0: Collier
  • Unlocked at style mastery 65: Party Table
  • Unlocked at Style Mastery 150: Spectre
  • Unlocked at style mastery 250: Diable Jambe

Electro Fist Fruit Seas

Electro Fist Demon Piece

You can obtain this fighting style from Carrot SIDE NPC

Cost: 200K beli


  • Unlocked at style mastery 1: Electro Luna
  • Unlocked at style mastery 75: Electric Dash
  • Unlocked at Style Mastery 150: Electro Claws

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