Last War Drone Skill Chip Guide – Uses of Skill Chips

Hi guys, Today we will show you the Last War Drone Skill Chip Guide, How to place them? and Which Drone Skill Chip is better to have an upgrade?

Last War Drone Skill Chip is a new feature in-game that will be available on that server that has been active for more than 85 days. If your server is new then it will not be available for you

So come and take a look at this guide

Last War Drone Skill Chip Guide

How to get Skill Chips and Where to get

You can get Drone Data Chip Chests from below sources:

  • Alliance Store
  • VIP Shop
  • Campaign Store
  • Data Chip Boost Event
  • Purchasing packages with real money.

Open Chests:

When you open Drone Data Chip Chests you will get a random Skill Chip. There are 4 types of Data Chip Chest in the game that are mentioned below.

  • Legendary Data Chip Chest
  • Epic Data Chip Chest
  • Rare Data Chip Chest
  • Common Data Chip Chest


Now every chest that you open will give you some points and these points will be stored When you reach 900 points, You will be able to open a Special Legendary Skill Chip Choice Chest and from this chest, you can choose the Legendary Skill Chip of your preference

Bonus Tip:

On Day 1 of the Alliance Duel event, if you open Drone Data Chip Chests then they will give you VS points and they will help you in the event progress

You see the below images for an example of the chest.

Types and Uses of Skill Chips

Skill Chip Varieties:

  • Legendary [gold]
  • Epic [purple]
  • Rare [green]
  • Common [white]

Skill Chip Application:

Navigate to the “Skill Chip” tab within the Drone Center to find up to 4 Schemes/Presets:

  • No1. Free
  • No2. Costs 2K Gems
  • No3. Costs 10K Gems
  • No4. Costs 50K Gems

Every Scheme/Preset can be equipped with 4 chip slots, each unlocking distinct drone skills upon installing the corresponding chip all slots are mentioned in below with image example:

Last War Drone Skill Chip Guide
creadit: NissTheNick

Slot 1 – “Initial Move Skill”:

  • Absolute Quantum Field [Legendary]
  • EM Shield III [Epic]
  • EM Shield II [Rare]
  • EM Shield I [Common]

Slot 2 – “Attack Skill”:

  • Lethal Firestorm [Legendary]
  • Ultra Frequency Resonance III [Epic]
  • Ultra Frequency Resonance II [Rare]
  • Ultra Frequency Resonance I [Common]

Slot 3 – “Interference Skill”:

  • Memory Ultra Fission [Legendary]
  • Armor-Piercing Pulse III [Epic]
  • Armor-Piercing Pulse II [Rare]
  • Armor-Piercing Pulse I [Common]

Slot 4 – “Defense Skill”:

  • Gravitational Resonance Armor [Legendary]
  • Photon Armor III [Epic]
  • Photon Armor II [Rare]
  • Photon Armor I [Common]


First, collect the purple drone chips. and level up them all. Put on temporarily in the first row that opens. it will be used by all garages because no further arrangements have been made.

After a while, purple tanks of tank, missile, and aircraft-type chips will be collected. Perform the opening of the second chip skill and place the skill chip with the same type (tank/missile/Aircraft).

Create exactly when we build the formation from garages 1, 2, 3, & 4. of the same type. Over time, purple chips were twinned with existing chips.

We can ascend the purple chip. Keep doing it many times until you get LV. The highest chip and higher tier.

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