Realm Royale: How to win more games

Realm Royale is unique compared to other battle royale games that are on the market right now. However, uniqueness comes with a lot of learning. At first, Realm Royale can be a bit intimidating. But don’t worry, I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you improve at Realm. These tips are useful across all platforms, so whether you are on PC or Nintendo Switch, we have something for you.

Choosing the right class 
Realms most unique feature is its class system. There are four classes that are named Assassin, Warrior, Mage and Hunter. Each class offer special abilities and weapons along with a mastery system. Each class has three weapons, two movement abilities and three basic abilities that you can choose from. As you play a particular class more, you will level up that class even more. As you level up you will unlock exclusive perks for that class. You should definitely play every single class for at least 10 matches before choosing which class you enjoy the most. Once you have found a class you enjoy the most, you should main that class and get it to max level.

Choose the right weapons and abilities 
Loadout is very important in Realm Royale. Make sure you have weapons and abilities that you are comfortable using. At first, I recommend you use weapons such as the heirloom rifle and assault rifle as they are easiest to use. Avoid using longbows and sniper rifles until you feel like you are ready. Always remember the rarity levels. I’ve seen newer players drop legendary weapons for grey weapons! Use common sense. Obviously, a legendary shredder is better than a grey pistol.

Trust me, you won’t get better if you don’t fight. Never camp inside a house like a little Timmy. Go out and fight. Even if you die, at least you know you died for a reason and you can learn from that mistake. You won’t learn anything from sitting in a house. Camping may make it easier to get a win, but in the long run, it won’t help at all.

Choose the right landing spot 
For your first few games, you should land outside the zone while you get used to the game. However, after about 10 games you should start landing inside the zone. Not only will you have more time to loot you will have a higher chance of running into players. You should also always land near a door or arch as buildings contain the most loot. Take note that the most popular landing spots are Lumberfall, Jade Gardens and Crossing.

Disenchant unwanted items 
Disenchanting unwanted items rewards you with shards. You can then use shards at a forge to make items such as weapons, abilities, runes or potions. Always disenchant as you never know when you might need some shards. You should also forge as much as you can. Always make sure you forge armour pots unless you have maximum. Focus on getting a weapon, ability, movement ability and potions before a rune.

Be mindful of what runes you use 
Runes are items that offer additional powerups or bonuses. You can find runes across the map or you can forge them at a forge. However, just because you find a rune doesn’t mean you should use it. Some runes are more powerful than others and you can only have a maximum of 6 runes. You should only pick up runes that you think you will find beneficial. Usually, you shouldn’t take all three of the chicken runes. You also shouldn’t take a reload rune if you have weapons that don’t require a reload. Before you take a rune you should always think if you will find use out of the rune. If you feel it won’t be useful for you, disenchant it or give it to one of your teammates.

Use your mount 
You have a mount for a reason. You should use it. Even if you are just travelling from one house to another. Always use your mount! It’s much quicker than walking. You can even speed up the speed of your mount by using talents and runes.

Understand the map 
Like almost all other battle royales, map knowledge is incredibly important. If you know the location of some cover or a secret house, you have a major advantage over your opponent. Try landing at all the named locations during your early days and get to know the map as well as you can.

Familiarise yourself with the elements 
Many new players don’t understand the elements that come with legendary weapons. Fire, frost and lightning are the three elements you can have on a weapon. Fire deals additional damage, frost slows enemies and lightning reveals enemies. You can see what element a weapon has by looking at the icon above the weapon. Make sure you know these elements and use them to your advantage.

Choose your loadout wisely 
Make sure you have the right weapons. Choose weapons that you feel comfortable using. Whenever a new weapon is released, go into creative and familiarise yourself with the weapon before engaging in public games. Remember the rarity colour codes at all times.

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