Sony sells 100 million PS4 consoles

PS4 controller Twitch vs Mixer

For many years the PlayStation 4 has been the most popular gaming console in the world. The console has brought massive success for Sony and has changed the way we game everyday. It hasn’t been as successful as some of its past consoles such as the PS2, but it still has been making money.

However, today Sony revealed in its latest earnings report that they sold 3.2 million PS4 consoles in the quarter that just ended on June 30th. This means that exactly 100 million PS4 consoles have now been sold in total.

This is big news for Sony. This means that the PS4 is now the quickest home game console to reach 100 million sales. Although other popular consoles such as the PS2 and the classic WII sold more than 100 million consoles, the PS4 did it much quicker than the others.

It took Sony 5 years and 7 months to reach the milestone, less than 3 years after passing 50 million sales. Those numbers are not bad at all.

Sony has also revealed that more than 50% of the games bought are now digital games, meaning more people are now purchasing digital games rather than physical disc copies. That number is expected to rise over the next few years as digital copies are handier than physical copies.

Both Microsoft and Sony both have plans to release their next-generation console next year. It will be interesting to see who makes the better console and wins the console war.

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