Mixer new support a creator program is now live

Over the past few months, Microsofts very own live streaming platform named Mixer has taken off and has become incredibly popular. The welcoming community and brilliant video quality make Mixer look like a pleasant place to stream. However, starting today, the platform is about to become a whole lot more creator-friendly after Microsoft has announced it’s brand new support a creator program.

The program which is similar to Fortnites support a creator program will give $3 to any creator if they manage to convince one of their viewers to sign up for an Xbox game pass subscription and enter their code.

This works in a very simple way. New Xbox Game Pass members or existing members upgrading to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will have 30 days from the start of their membership to enter a Mixer Partner’s code into the Xbox app on PC or the Xbox Game Pass app on iOS or Android.

Mixer Platform

Now is a better time than ever to invest in an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass PC subscription as the prices are so cheap right now.

The Mixer support a creator program is available for all Mixer partners. Unfortunately, you must be a Mixer partner to apply for this program. If you are a small streamer, this won’t be useful for you.

This is obviously very exciting news for Mixer streamers. Any source of income is very valuable for streamers and can go a long way. Considering the number of viewers that watch on Xbox, this program could be very successful and earn Mixer Partners a lot of money.

This new feature comes just hours after Mixer announced brand new chat moderation tools and a new content review system.

Microsoft has also made it very clear that they are just getting started. They told their partners that many new features based on this program will be coming soon and they should ‘stay tuned’.

This new program will definitely help Mixer towards their goal of defeating Twitch. Although it will only help in minor ways, future content creators could potentially choose Mixer over Twitch because of all of the monetisation tools that Mixer offers.

If you would like to learn more about this new program, you can read the full article that Mixer published by clicking here.

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