Twitch has finally arrived on Apple TV

For years, streamers and viewers have been hounding Twitch for an Apple TV Twitch App. I mean, it makes sense. Why would one of the biggest media-related companies not have their service available on Apple TV? Well, fear no more as the day has arrived. Twitch is now available on the Apple TV!

Apple TV Twitch app

Right now, the Twitch app is in beta and can be downloaded through the Test flight app on a first-come, first-served basis. All features that are available on other platforms will be available on the Apple TV.

If you haven’t heard of test flight, it is an online service for over-the-air installation and testing of applications, currently owned by Apple and only offered to developers within the Developer Program. In simpler terms, Developers use Test Flight to beta test their applications before publically releasing them. Test flight is completely free and can be obtained through the Apple TV app store.

Once you have test flight downloaded, use the link below to install Twitch directly onto your Apple TV. Please do note that you need an Apple TV running tvOS 9 or later.

We aren’t really sure of details such as streaming quality and how chatting works, but these details should come in fairly soon. Once they do, this article will be updated with the information.

If you would like to trial Twitch on the Apple TV, you can do so by clicking here. However, you need to hurry. We assume those beta slots will be taken up pretty fast!

To provide feedback to Twitch about the Twitch app on tvOS, go to the Information section on the app’s page in TestFlight to find the developer’s email address and send them an email.


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