Fortnite teases an IT movie crossover

In 2017, IT was one of the most popular films released that year with millions of viewers going to movie theatres around the world to see the Stephan King classic. This Friday, IT 2 is releasing worldwide. Of course, Fortnite is not going to miss out on that hype train. The developers of the popular battle royale game named Fortnite have already started teasing us for a possible Fortnite x IT crossover.

If you haven’t seen or heard of IT, the movie is centred around a creepy clown who carries a red balloon. In fact, the movie is famous for clowns carrying around red balloons. Just days before the release of the brand new movie, red ballows started appearing near sewers on the Fortnite map. Coincidence? I think not.

Fortnite x IT balloon

The interesting thing that almost confirms this theory is the fact that when you pop the balloon, the signature laugh of Pennywise can be heard echoing out of the sewer. This to me is a hint that Pennywise is lurking underneath the grounds of the Fortnite Map.

Like previous Fortnite crossovers, we can expect limited-time challenges along with exclusive in-game items such as skins or emotes. We also could possibly see a brand new limited-time mode. However, the chances of a limited-time mode aren’t very likely.

The start date for the IT event has not been confirmed, but we presume it will begin on Friday once the movie releases.

If Epic Games officially tease the IT event crossover, we will update this article with the new news.


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