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Welcome to our Apple Arcade Game review series. Every so often, Our USA writer Shadow will do a short but sweet review on an Apple Arcade Game. Today’s review is on the new Apple Arcade game “What The Golf”.

What The Golf is a puzzle game, based on a simple golf mechanic, get it to the hole. Whether this hole is a soccer net or a Mario flag, your objective is to reach it. Keep in mind this game is, as Apple puts it “a golf game for people who hate golf”.

Let’s talk about the gameplay. After playing some short demo levels, you enter into a lab. This is where all the level entrances are located. Each level room contains a theme of levels. Examples of themes include arcade games and soccer. Then, each level has something unique about it. Sometimes it’s a pun like the Flappy bird level is called Flappy Birdy, like the score in golf. Get it?! Another thing to note is the levels don’t follow a super-specific format since some are 2D, while others are 3D. Some have multiple items you control, while others only have one. The only similarity between all levels is the common goal, to make it to the flag/hole.

The final thing I will mention is the sound effects. In What the Golf, the sound effects are quite interesting. On some levels, the music is a chorus of people singing variations of the word “What The Golf”. The effect for when your object falls off or is destroyed is a drawn-out “Whaaaaat”. For some levels, such as the Mario ones, the chorus sings along to the theme of the original game.

All in all, I’m liking What the Golf. It has an interesting uniqueness to it and I encourage to use your Apple Arcade free trial and download it. You can find more information about Apple Arcade by clicking here.

This article was written and edited by Shadow. Check out Shadows Twitch channel by clicking here.

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