Epic Games are facing a law suit for knowingly creating a game that was addictive.

A class action law suit is currently being prepared in Canada by two parents of teenagers who have become addicted to Fortnite. The parents, who are attempting to sue Epic Games, the developers and publishers of the popular battle royale game named Fortnite, have said that Epic Games knowingly creating a game that was addictive and was targeted at kids.

While speaking to CBC about the lawsuit, the lawyer of the parents said that there’s a correlation between ‘Fortnite’ and tobacco lawsuits. The parent’s are trying to make the point that tobacco companies failed to inform people that smoking was addictive, and now Epic Games are doing the same thing with their video game.

The parents have told us that they know that Epic created a game that was purposely addicting, but failed to tell their players and parents, how addictive the game was. “It’s basically the same legal basis [talking about tobacco products], it’s very centered on the duty to inform.”

Chartrand, the lawyer of the parents, also thinks that the World Health Organisation decision to classify excessive gaming as a disorder will help the parents win the case.

It is no secret that children have been spending some incredible large amounts of time playing Fortnite, especially young kids. Some parent’s don’t even realize how much is too much. Some parent are even hiring Fortnite Coaches for their kids to help them improve at the game. Crazy, right? With over 125 million players, Fortnite is bound to have people addicted to the game. But, what are Epic supposed to do? That is the big question here.

Epic Games have currently made no comment on the law suit. It is also known that Epic is currently battling several other law suits for various different reasons. This news also comes shortly after Epic won the lawsuit against PUBG. The law team at Epic sure have been kept busy.

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