WATCH LIVE: The Fortnite Rocket Event from multiple perspectives.

At last! It is time for the Fortnite Rocket Event. You can watch the full live coverage of the event right here, on Treyex Hub. Below, you will find the streams of various different content creators who are all streaming on Twitch. You can watch their perspective of the event right here. After the event, the video will be stored here and the article will be updated with what happened during the event.

The event is due to start at 2 PM EST / 7 PM BST. Check back here then.


Watch live video from Myth on

Dr Lupo:

Watch live video from DrLupo on


Watch live video from Mongraal on


Watch live video from dakotaz on


Watch live video from Tfue on


Watch live video from NickEh30 on

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