When will Fortnite return? All the rumours so far

Over the past 12 hours, Fortnite has been trolling the entire gaming community by leaving all of their dedicated players on a black hole watching the same numbers appear over and over again.

Epic have even deleted all of their Twitter tweets, changed their profile pictures to black across all social media and haven’t tweeted anything about the outage.

After a long 12 hours, players started rightfully getting angry at Epic for leaving them in the dark for so long. However, during this incredibly long down time, leakers and players have come up with multiple theories about the random numbers that are appearing on the screen.

1. The Visitor:

The main theory that everyone is talking about is the Visitor theory. As mentioned above, every so often some numbers appear inside the black hole. Those numbers are 11, 145, 15, 65, 87, 14, 106, 2 and 150. In the Visitor message, the 11th, 145th, 15th, 65nd, 87th, 14th, 106th, 2nd and 150th word makes the sentence “I was not alone. Others were outside the Loop.”

2. The Inspect Element Theory

On the official Fortnite website, the only thing you will find is the Twitch stream of the black hole. However, if you inspect element by pressing F12, it will show the code of the website. Inside the code, the stream is not due to end and reset to the normal website until 6am on Tuesday morning, meaning it could be Tuesday before this nonsense ends. This was discovered by Lucas7yoshi.

3. The Taco Tuesday theory

Some fans believe that Fortnite won’t return until Taco Tuesday, because of the mini game. This also backup the above theory.

So, when will downtime end?

If we are being honest, it is anyone’s guess. However, according to HYPEX on Twitter, the downtime hadn’t even started yet. On the Fortnite API, it says all systems are operational. If this is not downtime, fans will be incredibly mad.

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