A 12-year-old boy made a game to deal with his fathers suicide and spread awareness about depression

Last night at The Game Awards which was hosted in Los Angles, a 12-year-old boy got a special recognition for developing a Roblox Video Game to help with him deal with his fathers suicide and spread awarness about depression.

Luke, the creator of the video game, called his game ‘ Let’s Be Well ‘. In the game, you play as a character called Bob, who has depression. At first, he stars out in a grey and lonely world. As he continues through the obstacles, they become more colorful. As the player proceeds through the obstacles, they also get thought about depression such as what it is.

Luke, who’s second name has not been revealed due to his age, is the first child to ever receive this award. He has told the Washington Post that he was ‘Pleasantly surprised’ to receive the recognition.

This recognition was done as part of the partnership between Facebook Gaming and The Game Awards to recognize people have inspired positivity and change through video games.

This game is just one example of what kids are doing now a days that can make massive impacts on their future. We wish Luke the best of luck with his possible future in game development.

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